MPOS and Internet Payment Solutions in Pakistan is Launching by Keenu

mPOS and Internet Payment Solutions in Pakistan is Launching by Keenu

MPOS and Internet Payment Solutions in Pakistan is Launching by Keenu

mPOS and Internet Payment Solutions in Pakistan is Launching by Keenu . Keenu is a subsidiary of Wemsol Private Limited – wholly owned by United Mobiles, set to ship its packaging arrangements to Pakistan.

With the information we have gained in this way, Keenu expects to install complete, complete electrical installation and arrange customized arrangements for vendors and clients in Pakistan. Keenu, for a reason, held an event yesterday in Karachi to introduce this type of product. Mr. Ashraf Machiyara is the Chairman of this organization, and Mr. Ejaz Hassan, Mr. Saad Niazi, and Mr. Raja Faisal Zaman are the CEO, COO, and Director of Technology, respectively.

Keenu, scheduled for about a month and a half, will offer a variety of installation arrangements, while offering shipping repairs, all under the same roof.

The organization has three significant donations, each aimed at encouraging travelers, telcos, banks and customers.

Keenu Pay: senders’ mPOS response
Keenu NetConnect: Response to the online installation of ecommerce and online organization
Keenu Club: Trusted projects and exit answers
Keenu said it would encourage high-quality installations, where making exchanges would be more friendly than ever in recent memory. This type of product provides loyalty programs, customized to vendors ’fun, helping them organize partnerships as they offer to improve their business skills.

“We are very focused on making the placement program in Pakistan less desirable for our customers. Banks, senders, and end-to-end customers all want more efficient and improved investment strategies, and Keenu is an important provision that caters for each of the three, ”said Mr Ejaz Hassan, CEO of Keenu.

The delivery period symbolizes the location of a wide range of big names in banks, telcos, tailors, and industrial scientists, traveling across the country, including Mr. Ashraf Machiyara, Chairman of the Machiyara Group of Companies.

Internet payment is always been an issue in pakistan. As you know there is no paypal and google pay in pakistan so we have to use and alternative method of payment. Some time back easypasia comes with virtual debit card but soon they block that service. Now you can create alfhala virtual card but not for international tracation. So it was a big issue.

“The Machyara group, over the years, has had only one goal, to look after the Pakistani economy, and to raise its profile. We aim to benefit neighborhood groups with all activities, and provide artistic arrangements. As the years went by, we entered the entire industry as an opportunity arose; equipment, upgrades, telecom, and installation now. I firmly believe that the current inclusion is an office to be placed in, as a business sector, and the time is right, ”said Mr Ashraf Machiyara as he highlighted his choice to enjoy the installment business. Keenu currently manages its products with a few online retailers. It also posted its NFC and Easypaisa editions.

You can expect a lot of interest points, management contributions and how you can get a response to Keenu’s installation for your business days in the coming days.

Telenor partnership with

Telenor partnership with

Telenor partnership with

Telenor partnership with  Continuing to encourage its customers, Telnor Pakistan has expanded its partnership with where Easyshops will be sent nationally and office to release online ticketing and moving images in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, with more funding for urban areas coming soon.

In terms of this application, Easyshops has been introduced and submitted via bespoke to the Admission Ticket. The new framework will improve customer travel to book and pay for their own travel and departure tickets there, completely eliminating the need to go to the stands and movies and sit in long queues. In the meantime, management is highlighting the delivery of e-Tickets for travel and e-mail photos or email code that are visible and approved by different film or tour operators. and Telenor Pakistan will bring even greater comfort to the same number of people who do not have debit cards at the same time as the need to buy tickets on the web. We can now contact all final clients across Pakistan who need a ticket from – Faizan Aslam, CEO (

In November last year, Easypaisa entered into an agreement with to encourage regular customers on free and minute-to-day purchases and travel and travel tickets. In just two months of joining forces with Easy paisa, has begun standard preparation for 1500-2000 daily tickets and expanded its teams to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to deliver body tickets to their client addresses. In addition, through the Easypay setting, entries can now be collected by various records, accept / charge cards and deposits at any Easypaisa store.

The organization will promote e-business adoption in Pakistan by making and developing an understanding of the availability of computerized financial management at the Pakistani e-commerce exhibition without increasing management effort.

There is no online NADRA services for Pakistan-Based Citizens

There is no online NADRA services for Pakistan-Based Citizens

There is no online NADRA services for Pakistan-Based Citizens


There is no online NADRA services for Pakistan-Based Citizens .Pakistanis in the nation who wished for their CNICs to be transferred to their departments after filing the same request for the inclusion of NICRA on the CNIC website, are in some bad news. The normally accepted and well-known administration has been shut down, without clarification, by local people living in Pakistan. Abroad Pakistanis can now apply for their ID online.

Reason after shutting down this app;

The online CNIC Issuance and Renewal Service emerged in Aug 2015, recognized and compiled by Pakistani studies at the time. During most of the year, management is suspended impartially.

While NADRA did not provide specific specifications that incorporated their intentions angrily, we suspect that the registration authority could not always understand the large volume of requests, hence the move to suspend administrators for now.

This upgrade is expected to damage ordinary Pakistanis as getting an ID card through regular channels is a difficult and tedious idea, a very good situation. In Pakistan’s 190 million studies, this means staying firmly in long queues and long, excellent conditions at the nearest NADRA office.

How Needed for Digital Pakistan?

The benefits of IT and the dynamic transformation of Pakistan mean nothing if their organic products do not meet the basic traditions of Pakistan. For truly developed Pakistan, NICRA’s online office NADRA has spoken of a satisfactory guarantee, which is a sign that Pakistan was accustomed to the future of the computer in its best studies.

The most well-received officials were invited inside and outside Pakistan. Abroad Pakistanis can now exploit the office, and they want NADRA to restore control behind the indigenous Pakistani natives.

Restriction to some website by PTA

Restriction to some website by PTA

Restriction to some website by PTA


Restriction to some website by PTA . As of late it has become visible that Pakistan Telecommunication Association (PTA), in their endeavors to square explicit sites, is likewise clearing up without porn locales.

Refering to reasons, for example, the defilement of youth, in ahead of schedule January, the Supreme Court requested every single suggestive site to be obstructed crosswise over Pakistan. Taking after that scene, the PTA discharged a rundown of more than 400,000 sites including muck and obscene material and requested ISP’s to square every one of them instantly.

Presently agreeing Tribune, PTA’s limited rundown incorporates some totally safe sites also. Supposedly, the rundown additionally incorporates some other customary sites having a place with photography, blogging, e-trade and business.

The consideration of without porn sites in PTA’s limited rundown brings out concerns in regards to the realness of control in the nation. In any case, this has happened before as well. In 2012, the PTA issued a request to piece 1000 porn sites and still, after all that few ordinary sites were blocked.

Pakistan has seen a few scenes of obstructing of sites, most well known of them being YouTube which faltered between being blocking and unblocking for quite a while until it was as of late unblocked for good. Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Game Ranger and IMDb are a portion of the sites which were obstructed with no appropriate clarification given.

Previously, PTA has expressed that hindering of all explicit material from the web is quite a while devouring procedure that requires a ton of money related assets. In any case, the consideration of consistent sites in their hit list every single together make their work offensive. What’s more, the absence of clarity on the best way to restore a site once it is wrongly blocked additionally represents an issue.


Planing to implemented Electronic voting machines in Pakistan or not by 2023?

Planing to implemented Electronic voting machines in Pakistan or not by 2023?

Planing to implemented Electronic voting machines in Pakistan or not by 2023?


Planing to implemented Electronic voting machines in Pakistan or not by 2023? .Mr. Ronan McDermott, a data analyst and ethnographer, has fifteen years of involvement in independent government and international aid organizations such as UNDP, IFES and the EU. Later, he expressed his concerns about Pakistan and its use of voting machines shortly before time.

Ngu. McDermott, Pakistan should not have made a complete change in voting before 2023. Mr McDermott was referring to the ‘Useization of Technology in Elections’, co-ordinated by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The issue focuses on the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and biometrics.

The session was attended by people from the House of Representatives on the proposed changes. Ronan McDermott presented a global view of interest points and disruptions to basic construction development. He also shared his encounter and their selection in a few nations.

McDermott is of the opinion that the ECP should gradually increase the use of EVMs, with a deadline for the complete release of electronic voting and not before 2023 and that it should rely on ‘partner consent’. On the point where new results are being discussed, he said the results management system should be supported by a strong formal system and should be used as part of each decision before 2018 and that “direct outcome measures increase ECP resilience, because trust is more important than action itself.”

Equity Sardar Muhammad Raza Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) states that the ECP, in conjunction with the parliamentary board of transitional change agents, has initiated a number of driving mechanisms, for example, submission of voting results, visual voting and geographical data provided by the survey program.

Equity Raza stated that “Before focusing on new purchases, the ECP has deliberately considered the need for a Pakistani connection, and will test further in the field.”

Skripter on the Endorsements; In any case, in all cases, there are no purified functions that have been properly applied to standard races or resolutions. In addition, the ECP has a background that has been misunderstood by the needs of the electorate and the Pakistani structure. Despite digitizing voter information, the ECP has neglected to look at voters’ bases and has not been able to manage voter records, something in their workplace. Clearly, there is a problem with official funding too, provided against gears that take years to judge and verify the authenticity of a case.

Given the current nomination process, the purchase of an electronic voting framework could be a change, something that is not well known to be an expert due to a lack of required information and validation from ECP. In the unlikely event that Pakistan will completely shut down current resources, they should switch to the newly developed electronic framework with officially approved procedures (equivalent to an electronic paper compass) and reach the appropriate level with other developing countries. This can also help the ECP in determining any issues, which happens after which similar issues will arise in different countries using the same framework. In addition, NADRA needs to move forward and improve its processes as 136,000 CNICs have been blocked due to incorrect data. More than 15,000 copies of CNICs, 9000 incorrect certificates and 72,000 CNICs issued to foreign nationals are also currently being processed.

According to the possibility that Pak

Group chat limit increase in whatsapp

Group chat limit increase in whatsapp

Group chat limit increase in whatsapp


Group chat is a device used to send WhatsApp messages to its customers. It gives you the opportunity to chat with up to 100 customers simultaneously in the collection style, however with new developments, clients will be able to visit with up to 256 customers in the circle. Recent updates are intended for calls made on iOS and Android phones.

When you change your WhatsApp habits, the organization will let you know that you are currently ready to visit with up to 256 partners in circles. Reset deleted, and everything is set. Keep in mind that the new item is not available on Windows and BlackBerry gadgets.

The big problem here reveals the most important personality is how people will find out how to navigate with such a large number of members right now? We can say that it is the direct work done by WhatsApp of large organizations, which send messages to catch up on new ideas or offers, by comparison, the idea finds all that very popular among the association and various organizations that benefit from the gathering tourist office.

With the source, moving to entertain group chats could be the first phase of WhatsApp’s new success strategy, which plans to connect organizations with their customers via WhatsApp. For example, an organization might contact its customers to offer them new assignments, and so on.

Closure of Chat Group Chat in other messaging apps

The Telegraph’s drinking bar is 200, Facebook allows you to gather chat with up to 150 people at once, with Skype allowing you to add 25 people to the gathering call. WeChat is a conversation collector that allows you to visit up to 500 people at a time.

Facebook offers the Work Chat app to connect participants

Most go to Telegram, a Russian messaging application because it allows you to share up to 1.5 GB of records. WhatsApp’s basic records currently allow you to share up to 16 MB document with a premium over account that allows you to share up to 30 MB of documents, so that’s a huge obstacle for WhatsApp customers.

In an earlier announcement, WhatsApp said it would charge international organizations to direct customer visits and calls via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is used by more than a billion customers as its key management. It was discovered by Facebook in 2014. In Pakistan, WhatsApp usage is constantly increasing, WhatsApp clients are so high in Pakistan that they are not encouraged to complete the day before the new year in the country. Each person uses it to transmit and share funny texts, quotes, or recordings with their friends and family.

Sindhi and Pashto Language now on Google Translator

Sindhi and Pashto Language now  on Google Translator

Sindhi and Pashto Language now on Google Translator


Google Translate is currently well-equipped to understand and translate words and expressions from Cindy and Pinny into more than 100 different languages, reports the Google Blog, which was previously distributed.

This means that Google Translate is now ready to understand more than 100 languages going to Sindhi and Vietnam and the other way around. The new amendment will empower 43 million Pashto speakers and more than 26 million Sindhi speakers worldwide to use the administration.

For the uninitiated, Google Translate is an automated translation tool that uses the concept of usage, calculation and vocabulary to define words and expressions starting in one language and moving on to the next.

It has been observed that the yield of Google Translate is not very low in terms of the newly installed language, however, at a time – due to customer experience – Google Translate tends to improve its translation skills by getting its results accurately.

Idea of imposing internet taxes

Idea of imposing internet taxes

Idea of imposing internet taxes

Idea of imposing internet taxes  .After various regions refused to return the tests to the web, the Punjab government has considered re-launching the operation on the web in the area, business sources said. The Punjab government has taken steps to recoup costs on the web. However, there is still a liability of 19.5 per cent on the web for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 18 per cent on Sindh.

As various regions have not reimbursed the costs on the web, the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) is currently a major burden on financial managers to re-use the fees charged in that area.

The Punjab government is approaching a telecom management meeting on March 8 in Lahore to discuss hidden issues. The Punjab government is of the opinion that KPK and Sindh have not dropped the charges and are making a lot of money. Punjab, however, is losing money after withdrawing from the project.

The general government is said to have embarked on a campaign of repression when it said that the benefits of retrenchment in Punjab were not made public.

The Punjab government has sent a strong message to various areas to clear web laws enforced in May 2015. In addition, various regions are opposed to all proposals and requirements and continue to grieve the web.

Shortly after enforcing a 19.5% performance on the web, the Punjab government realized that testing was more harmful than ever and the choice was reversed on the grounds that the web should be spread across a region with high distribution guidelines.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is also close to ordinary governments themselves remembering the ultimate goal of persuading them to pay for web services. Still, every effort seems to have failed.

Web tariffs in Pakistan are 33.5% higher.

In the event of some unexpected problems with the possibility that you have no sense of selfishness, KPK burns 19.5% on the web, while Sindh charges 18.5% on the web.

Also, there is a 14% reserve forcing web (nationwide) clients to pay to the government. Overall, web costs add up about 33.5% to KPK while 32.5% in Sindh. Balochistan and Capital customers pay 14 percent FED as was the case.

Surprisingly, since the demolition of the telecom area in 2003, the influx of Pakistani telecommunications operators has shown a negative improvement during the last financial year (2014-15), which seems to be due to the increasing number of telephone divisions.

Not only this, the local telephone commitment to the government is similarly analyzed (between 15 and 15 years) to show that the overall motivation for strong telecom management management is to collect less emissions and the government collected smaller costs from the sector compared to before. Either way, no one at the management level is involved or has no problem processing the statistics.

Nations are making many efforts to ensure that the web is balanced for its people because of the proven fact that web access improves national GDP from 0.4% to 1.5% and a high economic impact such as Pakistan. However, the current situation in this nation is one stage forward and two stages backwards.

Cloud Vision API OF GOOGLE

Cloud Vision API OF GOOGLE

Cloud Vision API OF GOOGLE

Cloud Vision API OF GOOGLE. After a few restricted restrictions, Google has reported the standard beta value of its Cloud Vision API – a management that allows developers to maximize image acceptance and performance in their applications.

Cloud Vision API 2 Google’s new invention makes important things like separating content from images, yet its real potential in realizing the story’s content in images. This is the same innovation that enables the image we are looking for in Google Photos and can see anything from flowers, food and creatures to neighboring points. Google claims to have calculated the number of “thousands” of different items.

Image editing may be the most interesting thing in the API, but administrators alike can display illegal items, for example, so in case you need to keep your app reviewed by PG, the Cloud Vision API can help you there, as well. Additionally, in case you need to see happy people in your photos, the Vision API likewise highlights the thinking test.

Google also added a rating to access the API and the number you pay will depend on how you use it. The word space, for example, will cost $ 2 per thousand images while key character recognition will cost $ 0.60 per thousand images.




Oracle announces a whole new StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 7 system, a secure and compliant response to information on a collected server and more complex frameworks to provide fully computerized attention to people in the common cloud. In addition, Oracle’s StorageTek VSM 7 System is designed to work seamlessly with Oracle Storage Cloud Service – Object Security and Oracle Storage Cloud Service – Archive and provides stockpiling managers with a cloud-based revenue stream. With Oracle, current distributed storage is open as a last resort.

“In the past, data security was intended to manage information development in buildings, but something completely different led to the suspension of VSM 7,” said James Cates, senior VP manager, Archive Product Development, and Oracle. ”
“With VSM 7, Oracle delivers moderate information security to top-level customers, and Oracle’s site management and record keeping will enhance the business industry’s potential,” said Mark Peters, senior investigator and chief investigator, ESG.

Performance and Disability: Oracle’s StorageTek VSM 7 System is the answer to IBM z Systems’ in-computer information technology with full knowledge of the transition of previous VSM components and the essential components required by IBM’s TS7700 framework. Prophet’s StreadTek VSM 7 system delivers, a 34x high, flexible limit of 256 StorageTek VSM 7 Systems, data redesign and local cloud installation that gives the average client and shareholders the power to reach the maximum limit on interest.

Enhanced Security:

Powered by Oracle’s leap front processor for SPARC M7, Oracle’s StorageTek VSM 7 System system detects encryption key information remotely remote and removable tape media without further killing using Silicon Protected Memory for information.


Oracle’s StorageTek VSM 7 system provides information insurance arrangements from the building to the Oracle Public Cloud, for the purpose of communicating all local and local stocks. Strategies can be searched to make duplicate copies or remove records from external plate storage to minimal effort, storage distributed on site. With local cloud deployment, clients benefit from cheating and end diagnostics and from the StorageTek VSM 7 System System to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service or Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service.

Fiasco Recovery:

Oracle’s StorageTek VSM 7 system empowers the disaster recovery process as “outdoor lights”, as the centralized server is no longer needed in remote locations, greatly reducing costs and distributing organizations. Electronic data sharing by crossing over private buildings, group placement, multiplication, and DR in Oracle Public Cloud provides a stream of other specific retaliatory methods.

Oracle also considers the requirements of the basic mission conditions fulfilled by different arrangements. Expanding its proven engineering work to a large customer base, Oracle empowers the firm for medium-sized information and optional fiasco recovery options.